The escrow has closed, you have had your final walk-through, and your agent hands you your keys. Now what? 

Change Locks

We recommend that everyone changes their locks upon move in day. This is because we are never sure how many people (family members, neighbors, strangers) have been given the old homeowner’s key.


It is hard to deep clean a home when it is full of furniture and it is difficult to clean inside of cabinets when they are full of pots and pans. Hiring someone to clean is a great idea but make sure you are clear about what you want them to accomplish while they are there. Or throw on some gloves and clean the place yourself.


Repairs, upgrades, and painting is also easier with an empty house. 

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Light bulbs

Matching lighting throughout a house brings a consistency in feeling in every room. Having dimming lights or low lighting settings are also highly recommended by sleep scientists to improve tiredness towards bed time.

Set up utilities

The sooner the better for this one.

Update Addres

For USPS mail, Amazon, and other shipping sites that you frequently use.

Meet the neighbors

Doing a small favor or asking a small favor of a neighbor early on can be a great opening of a relationship. Even if you are a reserved person, it is nice to let your neighbors know that you enjoy your privacy now, rather than have to have to tell them later.

Know where the electrical panel and the water shut off are

In case of emergency it is nice to have these items located.
Get a couple fire extinguishers
Usually an extinguisher is recommended in the garage and the kitchen.


Home ownership is a huge step in life and you deserve to celebrate and cherish this moment. This home will be where the next years of your life unfold and where you develop into an even better version of yourself. Congratulations!