According to the US Census Bureau, in 2016, 142,932 more residents left California than entered it. Large corporations are deciding that it is cheaper to open offices in states where the housing will be cheaper for their employees and therefore can get away with paying a lower wage to their workers. 
With apartment rents soaring, manufactured homes and mobile homes are becoming more valuable in San Diego. The average mobile home community rent in San Diego is $1000. Which is $887 less than the average apartment rent in San Diego, currently (May, 2018), listed at $1,887 dollars. This makes most San Diego manufactured home communities cheaper than apartments even when factoring a mortgage.
The main benefit of living in a manufactured home community for new home owners is that residents are paying for a piece of personal property that can later be sold. This combats the main concern of most people who live in an apartment, which is that the money they invest is never returned to them. Manufactured home owners are also provided the same tax benefits as real property owners (see your tax professional for more information).
No matter what the investment is, there is always a piece of money that does not get returned to the buyer. Wether it is paying interest on a home loan, space rent for a manufactured home community, or apartment rent. This is why the best plan is to choose an option with the most benefit in the future and the least cost in the present. 
Manufactured homes appreciate in value just like real estate. Call us today to get a schedule a viewing of your future home 619-596-0333 or to see what your home is currently worth.