San Diego’s port town of National City, CA was part of the Kumeyaay’s ancestral territory which ranged east to El Centro north to Escondido and south to Baja California.  However, with independence from Spain in 1810 the Mexican government renamed the area Rancho de la Nacion. Later, President Andrew Johnson issued a land patent listing the name as The National Ranch, translating in english to National City.  In 1868 builders from San Francisco, Frank Kimball and his brothers, Warren and Levi, purchased the entire ranch.  With modern and innovative ideas for transportation, a post office, and a wharf for sea bound imports and exports a city unparralleled for the times was built.

National City is bounded by San Diego on the north and northeast, Bonita to the southeast, Chula Vista to the south across the Sweetwater River, and San Diego Bay lies to the immediate west of the city. To the east is an unincorporated area of San Diego called Lincoln Acres, and to the south lies the border with Mexico.  In this area is 9.1 square miles of which 7.3 square miles is land.  There are many major roads to access, as well as a commercial airport, train system and Naval Yard and civilian boat slips as well.

There is an idealic climate to enjoy with dry summers and mld winters.  The average temperature (201 days out 365) is above 72 deg. F and 9 to 13 inches of rain annually, mostly occurring in February.