Let us keep it real, San Diego is the best city to live in, in the US, and perhaps in the world. That is why we are here! The cost of homes, apartments, and yes, mobile/manufactured homes is going up. Although, even with this widespread increase in the price of San Diego living, mobile/manufactured homes are still the most affordable.

With a solid credit score and all park requirements met, you can get in a home for as low as 5% down for a 1977 or newer, and as low as 20% down for a 1976 or older.

Because the costs of mobile/manufactured homes are less than real property, we have gotten many of our clients into homes for less than what they are currently paying for their apartment rent. That is with space rent + mortgage.

If you are looking to buy or sell, give us a call at 619-596-0333, this is our specialty.

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