Below are some useful items copied from the California Mobile Home Civil Code. Please note this is not a full example of the civil code nor is it in any particular order. The full civil code can be found at: 
“Can the park evict a resident for payment of late rent even though their rental history shows they eventually pay
the full rent? 
” (Civil Code 798.56(e)) . . .
-The resident has five days from the due date to pay rent.
 -If the rent is late, the park can give the resident a 3-day notice to pay or risk eviction in 60 days. 
 -The resident can be late only three times in a 12-month period.”
“Does a resident have to sign a long-term lease, or are there other options?
● The resident has 30 days to accept or reject a long-term lease.
● The resident has the option of a month-to-month or annual rental agreement.
● If the lease is rejected, no increase in rent is allowed, above the terms of the lease, for a year. “
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“Where can residents get help if they suspect they are being overcharged on utility bills?
● The resident must prove overcharges.
● CPUC is required to take informal complaints (800-649-7570). “
“Does state law regulate rent increases in mobilehome parks?
● State law does not regulate the amount of a rent increase. It is a local control issue.
● A 90-day advance written notice of rent increase is required.
● If resident is on a long-term lease, check the language in lease for frequency (not less than every 90 days) and
percentage of increases.”
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