Why Prefab Homes are Worth the Buy


Modular or prefab homes offer home buyers an affordable alternative to conventionally constructed homes on the market. Buyers who are experiencing difficulty in finding affordable housing should consider what prefab homes in San Diego have to offer. Prefab homes offer the same quality as their traditional counterparts but are manufactured in a different manner. Whereas traditional homes are built onsite, modular homes are manufactured in sections within factories and later transported to a site for assembly. Here are a few good reasons why prefab homes are worth the buy.

Affordable Price

In many instances, the cost of a prefab home will be much less than a traditional home due largely to its factory construction. As work is completed indoors within a factory environment, there are no construction interruptions due to bad weather or shipment delays in home supplies. Everything that’s needed to build the home can be found at the factory, enabling workers to stay on schedule in getting the job done. Home inspections are also conducted at the factory to ensure the home is up to par in quality craftsmanship. Less interruptions in construction help reduce labor costs. Prefab homes are also cheaper to heat and cool, furthering reducing home costs.

Energy Efficiency

Prefab homes are designed for energy efficiency, reducing energy costs. Their tight construction and modern window designs enable the home to retain heat in winter and maintain a cool atmosphere in summer.  This same quality construction helps the home withstand the brunt of storms, high winds, hail and other natural disasters. Unlike mobile homes, prefab homes are designed to sit on a solid foundation, making them just as safe and secure as conventional houses.


Modular homes come in a wide variety of styles and designs, giving buyers ample selection to choose from. Buyers can also customize their home to suit personal taste and preference. When investing in a prefab home, buyers benefit from the insight of talented architects that offer unique concepts and designs.

Rapid Construction

With few interruptions and delays in manufacturing, modular homes can be completed at a much faster rate than a traditionally built house. This enables buyers to move into their new home quicker and settle down. As site preparation can take time, buyers should start this process early so as not to delay final assembly of their home when parts arrive.

These are just a few reasons why prefab homes make excellent buys. 

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