8 Popular Things to Look For When Buying a Manufactured Home in Southern California

When people look for manufactured homes to purchase in California, they have many different characteristics and features to consider. Buyers need to evaluate a range of fixtures, appliances, materials and design elements. They often favor dwellings with one or more of these popular amenities:

1. Double-paned windows make it more comfortable to live in manufactured homes in San Diego or Los Angeles. They help keep city street noise outdoors. Multiple layers of glass also cut cooling expenses during the summer.

2. Buyers who want lower utility bills often look for Energy Star certifications. The efficiency of an entire manufactured house might be certified. Alternately, separate systems and appliances may have Energy Star labels.

3. Gas, electric and wood fireplaces have achieved great popularity. Two out of five homebuyers express a willingness to pay extra for them. These units provide an appealing focal point and supply enough heat to keep some homes warm during southern California’s mild winter.

4. Many people look for buildings that were manufactured in 1972 or a more recent year. These homes’ designs offer enhanced fire safety, according to the Lompoc Record. Modern manufactured houses are frequently equivalent or slightly better than conventional homes in terms of fire prevention.

5. Some buyers seek greater quality assurance by looking for dwellings that include guarantees. A number of pre-owned houses come with one-year home warranties. Relatively recent buildings may feature transferable long-term warranties from the manufacturer.

6. Walk-in closets have become quite popular among homebuyers across the nation. These convenient storage areas provide considerable amounts of space for clothing, seasonal items and other belongings. Some people also use them to impress their friends.

7. Although it’s not as crucial in coastal areas, central air conditioning comes in handy throughout much of southern California. These systems operate more efficiently and generate less noise than window units. Numerous manufactured homes offer this feature.

8. Porches and decks provide appealing places to enjoy the Golden State’s warm, sunny weather. They make it easier for people to relax, eat and cook outdoors. Some homeowners add canopies or umbrellas that allow them to use decks under a wider range of conditions.

Other potentially desirable features include kitchen islands, tile countertops, laundry appliances and ceiling fans. Californians look for different manufactured home amenities depending on where they live and what activities they enjoy.

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