Energy Efficient Repairs and Maintenance for Older Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes have traditionally had the reputation of being difficult to insulate. In fact, new types of modular home now often have greater insulation values than conventionally built properties. For traditional and older manufactured homes, there are still some ways that homeowners can improve their insulation. These often won’t be required for new prefab properties.

Installing Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are one of the fastest and easiest methods of improving energy efficiency on any structure. Double-glazed windows and solid-core doors will help moderate the internal temperature of a property. When replacing windows, homeowners can also pay special attention to the caulking and sealing around them. Older windows may not be properly sealed and may be allowing in cool or hot air from the outside.

Adding Insulation to the Structure

Adding insulation to a manufactured home can be a challenge compared to a conventional home. A manufactured home usually cannot use loose fill insulation in the same way; the structure of the walls and roof is generally too narrow. Instead, insulation should be added to the belly of the manufactured home to reduce energy leakage moving downwards. Panel insulation can be installed throughout the manufactured home, though it should be installed by a licensed installer.

Installing Insulated Skirting

Insulated skirting and a belly wrap can further protect the undercarriage area of a manufactured home. Skirting and a belly wrap is an effective and affordable method of improving insulation without having to make significant renovations. This can generally be done by a homeowner themselves. At the same time, general repairs should be done throughout the base of the home.

Maintaining the Roof and Ducting

Roofs should be inspected annually for any damage. When insulating a roof, sheet insulation can be laid out above the ceiling. At the same time, the ducting in the manufactured home should be inspected and repaired. Any leaks in the ducts could drastically increase heating and cooling bills. Ducting should also be cleaned out annually so that they operate more effectively. Otherwise the hearing and cooling system will need to use more energy to operate.

When looking at prefab homes in San Diego, home buyers may want to look at the energy efficiency and insulation of the property before making a commitment. Prefab homes generally do not have the issues with insulation and energy use that older manufactured homes may.

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