When buying a mobile / manufactured home in San Diego, there are a few things to consider.

Age Requirements
The manufactured home communities have varying age requirements. Some communities allow all-age groups to be residents, and others have specific age requirements. There are parks that are 55/45 (meaning the youngest person in the home can be 45, as long as there is someone who is 55+ living in the home).
Termite and Health & Safety inspections are always recommended. Even if you are looking to remodel the home, mobile and manufactured home inspectors are specialists in their field. A trained inspector will be able to show you the subtle yet important things to look out for in a specific home. Termite inspections are under $100 with some companies offering them for free. Health & Safety inspections range from $250 – $400, but the time and money you spend on these inspections are worth the piece of mind you will get from them.
Space Rent
The communities in San Diego require new residents to make approximately three times the space rent to qualify. If a community’s space rent is $1,000 per month, the new resident will need to have a $3,000+ per month income. The advertised space rent from manufactured home communities usually covers the cost of leasing the land. Be sure to ask the community managers what is covered in rent and what is metered or on a separate charge. Although these costs are minimal, it is nice to know in advance what your future monthly payments will be. Gas, electric, water, trash, and sewer are additional costs to consider.
Have an experienced agent
As experienced agents, we make sure that your rights as a client of ours, buyer or seller, are protected. Understanding the civil code, we will ensure both parties know their responsibilities, to make for a smooth transaction. We believe in making a connection between buyers, sellers, and communities, so that everyone is happy with the outcome. Our agents live in the communities we sell in. This along with having a professional relationship with the managers, is a crucial advantage to successfully navigating this affordable and wonderful lifestyle.