I moved to Arizona before selling my tenet occupied 1971 mobile home in Spring Valley and I was unsure of what to do next. The mobile home, being 49 years old, had lots of deferred maintenance items and other than the lot landscaping, had little to no curb appeal. It needed an exterior paint job, new carpet, because the tenets had 3 dogs and a complete main bathroom remodel/rebuild. The to-do list was long and I was already in Arizona, so it would need to be sold as is if it could even be sold. I was thinking about recycling it or having it hauled to Mexico, but I didn’t really like either of those ideas or anything else that I was coming up with. Then I contacted Donna Low at Mobile Home Connection and after talking with her, she gave me the confidence that a sale would be workable. In Less than 2 weeks, Donna found a buyer at my full asking price of $45,000 and we started a 60 day escrow to give my tenets enough notice and time to relocate and move everything out. Then some problems started. Being tenet occupied access was limited and restricted. When Donna could schedule to get inside, some bedroom doors were locked and this made it a challenge for the buyer to see all the rooms and for scheduling inspections. Next, the escrow instructions required the backyard to be thoroughly cleaned up, because there was trash everywhere and a large pile of dead tree branches. I would be required to pay for this clean up if the tenets didn’t do it. I considered this fair and reasonable since I got my full asking price and the yard really was a mess. After the 60 days, the tenets had not completed their move out and the yard had not been cleaned up. The trash had not been removed. Then late in the afternoon, on that last day of escrow, a U-Hual truck arrived and the tenets hauled the trash and tree branches away to the dump and completed removing their remaining items at the very last minute possible. Donna handled all this drama while I enjoyed the winter sunshine in Arizona. Donna gets 5 stars. I highly recommend her to anyone considering buying or selling a mobile in San Diego county.