Here is what we learned while selling more than 4,500 mobile/manufactured homes in San Diego.
When we look at mobile/manufactured homes that sell fast, we find sellers using these tips and tricks.

The first thing to do is remove all personal items in the home and pack them up. This includes, family pictures, religious items, political belongings, and kid’s toys. The main goal when selling your mobile/manufactured home, is to have your buyer see themselves living in the home. It is much easier to imagine this when the decor is neutral. This also puts your moving-prep in motion.


If you are interested in selling your home at or above market value, a deep clean is absolutely necessary. The kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living room should all be squared away and organized. If you have a mostly full home, we recommend getting a storage unit or putting as many items as possible in your storage shed. Removing items from a home makes the home feel larger. This includes, extra chairs, tables, couches, and decluttering countertops. Another minimalist approach is removing extra clothes from the closet, and extra dishes from the cabinets. This improves the home’s immediate storage space. And yes, potential home buyers often want to look into the cabinet and storage of the home. The outside of the home is also important. A power wash goes a long way. Cleaning the windows, sweeping the driveway, and reorganizing land-spacing materials makes for a great first impression.

Be Available
Keep your home accessible for agents. If you are living in your listed home, being available to open-up your home when someone is interested in seeing it is important. And yes! Tidying up and cleaning before every visit is also a necessity. We recommend opening all blinds, windows, and curtains, to let the San Diego air in. Plus, turning on all the lights and floor lamps, and clearing off surfaces once again can increase your chances of a quick sale.

Have Some Documents On Hand
Having specific documents makes the sale go more smoothly. Don’t worry, if you don’t have these, just tell your Mobile Home Connection agent and we will order them for you. Please locate the following documents:

  • Mobile home Title
  • Registration
  • Property tax information
  • A copy of your lease

List with a mobile home or manufactured home sales specialist
Thousands of people come to every month to search for mobile and manufactured homes in San Diego. When you list with an agency that specializes in local home sales, aka Mobile Home Connection, you get added to our online database which utilizes the highest quality search optimization to put your home in front of the right buyer.

We know selling a mobile home can be a stressful event for many people. But don’t worry. At Mobile Home Connection we have the experience to walk you through the process from planning to turning over the keys. Contact us as soon as you’re ready to start talking about the first steps.