San Diego is a beautiful place to live. From the beautiful beaches and gorgeous mountains, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. But, for a retiree, San Diego can be incredibly expensive. That’s why many retirees here in San Diego consider Mobile Home living as a smart option. Here are 4 reasons why you should too…

1. Offers a Carefree lifestyle
One of the overlooked aspects of mobile home living is the modest upkeep. Less square feet inside the home and the yard means the yard work gets done faster, the garden is in close proximity to the home, and the shed is right by the driveway. These senior mobile home communities are designed for ultimate efficiency and convenience.

2. Simplifies Your Life
Physical clutter and mental clutter are the same things. Studies show that people who own more things are not happier than people who own less. Having less stuff actually enhances life, allowing for more time to focus on hobbies, family, and relationships.

The minimalist blogger/mother, Brittany says, “Minimalism has done wonders for my anxiety. I’m truly happier and more content than I have ever been. I have removed both physical and mental clutter from my life, resulting in a calm that I have desperately craved — for as long as I can remember”

3. Gives You the Freedom to Travel
The low maintenance and low cost of mobile home living allow for a lot of extra resources to travel. Want to get an RV and travel around the US? Most communities have RV storage on site. Neighbors also look out for each other’s homes when on vacation.

4. Keeps You Active and Builds Relationships
Some activities in senior communities include water aerobics, yoga, card games, nickel auctions, pot lucks, game nights, group workouts, and more. Group activities and common areas make it easy to meet your neighbors. Mobile home living has a wholesome sense of community Building relationships with neighbors and knowing someone has your back is invaluable.

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