If you are an unmarried surviving spouse of a US Armed Forces Veteran, you may still be entitled to a VA Loan.   These loans exist to assist veterans, service persons, and certain unmarried surviving spouses of veterans in obtaining credit for the purchase of a manufactured home on more liberal terms than are available to non-veterans.  Often after soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors are celebrated, spouses are left with debt, and often families to care for.  Wading through a mire of red tape when you are looking for a home is the last thing you want to do.  If you are an unmarried surviving spouse of an otherwise eligible veteran who died in service or whose death was attributable to service-connected disabilities you are eligible for help in purchasing a manufactured home.

va survivor assistanceAccording to 38 U.S.C. 3712 the VA may guarantee a lender against loss on a loan made to an eligible applicant to buy a new or used manufactured home and/or to buy or improve a lot for placement of a manufactured home, or to refinance an existing VA guaranteed or insured loan previously obtained on the same manufactured home and/or lot which the veteran or the veteran’s surviving spouse (if such surviving spouse was an obligor under such existing loan) owns and occupies, to obtain a lower rate of interest; or to refinance an existing manufactured home loan to acquire a lot on which such manufactured home is or will be placed.

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