The mobile home & Trailer Park market is a unique in that the neighborhoods that surround the homes have different services and completely different buyers than traditional residential homes.  It’s true there are many ways to sell your mobile home, but when you need to sell your trailer fast, you may think that you will be selling it cheap. Finding a real estate agent or a dealer in the area with experience and you will find out that the fast and cheap aren’t necessarily your only options! An experienced sales agent will produce more visibility and be able to bring top dollar for the mobile home.

The sales agents at San Diego’s Mobile Home Connection know the industry inside and out.  They live in the communities they sell in, they understand what buyers are looking for and can match up your home with a buyer quickly.  Want to sell your home? contact an experienced sales agent today!

When you’re ready to sell your home, it will help to have the following documents ready.  Not all may apply if your home is permanently affixed to it’s foundation, your agent will be able to help you through this process as well.

You’ll want to gather together:

  • Mobile home title
  • Bill of sale
  • Property tax receipts
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Rules for sale in your park

Having these documents together will ensure the quickest & smoothest sale of your trailer possible.