Mobile homes are an affordable alternative to owning a traditional house.


What do we know about mobile homes?
Many of our agents live in mobile home communities. We anticipate 165+ escrows before the end of the 2013 year! In 2014 we are proudly celebrating our 24th year connecting mobile home buyers with sellers in communities throughout San Diego County.  


Perhaps most common reason for individuals and families to purchase mobile homes on property or in communities is price. The tension of financing a home above your means is a great reason to consider a mobile home. Whether your home is on a rental lot in a community or on a plot of land that you have purchased, the price of your mobile home will be up to 60% less than traditional stucco, wood frame homes.   


Features & Amenities

Community features and amenities, are additional reasons people choose to live in mobile homes communities in San Diego County.  When discussing your needs, wants and desires with your Mobile Home Connection Agent (link to our contact page) you can choose the type of community that would best fit your lifestyle!  


  • Family Communities
  • Gated & Secure Locations
  • Adult only Mobile Home Parks
  • Active Seniors Communities
  • Flexibility

Should you choose to move your home, pack up your belongings, and arrange to have your home taken with you.  Manufactured homes are built with exacting structural specifications making them easy to professionally move, providing you with flexibility in where you live and for how long you live there.
The flexibility does not end at portability.  The construction of modular homes makes them full of amenities and unique layouts.  Due to size manufacturers are creative utilizing space wisely to provide storage and useable open space in every room.


It is typically easy to find a home that suits your new home desires and budget in beautiful community locations all over San Diego County.  For folks who want to live in high end neighborhoods to be close to the variety amenities and social available to those living in areas like Del Mar, Coronado, San Diego, Alpine, and Carlsbad offer (link to search by city for each city) modular and mobile homes can provide the ability financially that individuals need be in or near the cities that they want to be in without paying exorbitant housing costs.


what are some of the resale stats on Mobile homes currently?

Equity & Control

Equity and control are decided advantages when considering whether to rent in a high end area or purchase a mobile home. For those who have the down payment, know you will be paying into a mortgage that you can later receive a return on that investment. Whereas renting in a high-end area like San Diego, you will only be rewarded with a place to live.  When you want to change the colors of your decor, you are confined to what your land-lords will allow in your rental.  Mobile home owners have the freedom to change the interiors of their homes to fit their own personal tastes and styles which ultimately may result in increased value, a renters changes may result in a landlord withholding a portion of a tenant’s security deposit.

Faster Sales & Move-in

A final advantage to owning a mobile home is the fact that the house is yours faster. Since mobile homes are much cheaper than traditional homes, you can own the mobile home in a much less span of time due to easy financing options. It is always a nice feeling to be in your home and settled, often in the same amount of time it takes just to close a sale on a traditional home.