Mobile Home Connection is the answer to the question, “where to buy a tiny home in San Diego?”. Commonly known as granny flats or guest homes, It is now legal and easier than ever to place a tiny home on your property in California.

The most affordable way to get your home a sidekick is to order a professionally designed tiny home or small manufactured home and have it placed neatly on your property. Your home’s new mini me will be autonomous from the main house with its own kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area.

Building codes do not apply to tiny homes or mobile homes because they are considered personal property. Even so, the law in San Diego now allows for a home to be built beside your home as long as there is ample room.

You can use the additional home as a rental, a home for a relative, or an office. Another option is to place yourself a beautiful minimalist home on your land and rent out your current home.

Whatever your idea, we can help.

Building an accessory home can be twice as expensive as placing one on your land. It is therefore more affordable and less hassle to order the home your way. Come on down to design your new accessory home. Pick out your floor plan, countertop materials, cabinet space and more. Your home, your rules.

To get more information and check your eligibility, walk on over to the ADU (accessory dwelling unit) Coalition home page Home | Mysite