About Mr. Hugo Muñoz, Real estate agent.

We meet him by chance over a question or posting for a condo for sale.
We are first time buyers., we had a great experience with our real estate agent Hugo Muñoz, from the beginning, he was very patient and very knowledgeable, he guided us and explained the whole process, Mr. Munoz was also always on top of the paperwork necessary for the bank/finance company. Always guiding and advising on making offers for showings both regular homes, condos or manufactured homes. We had some issues with our original appraiser, at Mr. Muñoz, suggested using another lender, all the paperwork was all turned in on time, again Hugo saw to that. The appraisal also went smoothly, house value was appraised correctly. Always with diligence Mr. Muñoz was always on top of everything.
We were blessed to have Mr. Hugo Muñoz as our real estate agent, we would have not made it thru the whole process without is due diligence, patience and knowledge and guidance.
We are now the proud owners, of a Manufactured home.
We wholly and heartedly recommend Mr. Hugo Muñoz to anyone in need of a real estate agent.

Thank you for everything.
DaCosta Family.