I met Mike Barbusca in a different way. I was down at the Club House for coffee when the manager introduced Mike to me. The first sentence from him was “I heard you were looking for someone to sell your house!” Within a week, Mike had found the listing price for the house and I was signing the contract with him.

This was my first big decision to do since my husband died. Mike listened to what I wanted to do, and we worked together to get this sale done. Since the inside of the house was already updated, it was up to me to keep it clean every day, and sometimes with only a few minutes notice to be ready for him and clients. When the house next door sold first, I was depressed and couldn’t understand why my house hadn’t sold. Mike told me “the buyers haven’t seen your house yet. When the right people come in, I’ll know.” That’s exactly what happened! A couple came by at the end on an Open House. Mike stayed at the house with them. Mike even took them to see his home which had been updated. The next day he took them to see several other homes and back to my house. Mike was working as the agent for both the buyer and seller. Within another day, Mike called “I have an offer for you to consider.” He came right over, we went over the offer and I signed the contract, accepting the offer!

The next 6 weeks took forever. With looking for a place to live, Christmas shopping and still continuing to have my house ready for Mike to show when he called, and he did call. I still managed to get through everything. Mike walked me through this sale and what a experience! This was a major decision in my life and I’m happier today for it.

I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a Sales Agent! He was great! I now have new friends, Mike and his wife, and the new owners of my home, Jeff and Marti. I can’t wait to see all the changes they have plans for.

My decision to sell and move to a new location has been a new start for me. On my own, I found a Condo to rent on Craig’s List, and negotiated a 3 yr lease with the owner. I now have less stress in my life and I get excited about the least little thing! Thanks Mike!